Mobile Advertising – Intuative and Personal

Without a doubt, Mobile is an exciting industry that only promises to grow as the number of newer and better smartphones hit the market. Look how far we’ve come! I was just talking with a colleague earlier today about how excited I was for the Razor to come out ohhh, circa 2005ish. It’s amazing how fast this industry moves.

Check this out:

It’s really hard to fathom for me that there are over 4 Billion Mobile Phones in use worldwide, as I stated in an earlier post, that’s more mobile devices in use than toothbrushes in use…pretty staggering.

So what does all this mean? As a Marketer, it means everything!

Think about this…

Mobile advertising has the capability of putting an ad for dinner options in the hands of users as they’re on their evening commute, it has the capability of putting coupons in the hands of shoppers while they’re still at the mall.

The bottom line – it’s an intuitive and personal experience because your phone is intuitive and personal.

I know I have a checklist as I leave my house everyday- “Wallet, Keys…Phone.” It’s now part of our lexicon and part of us.


10 Astonishing Mobile Stats

Most of these stats come from the Michael Becker presentation for the Mobile Marketing Assoc. recently.  If you have 10 minutes it’s definitely worth a watch – if not I’ve tried to pull out the most relevant stats/points and listed them below.

Some pretty staggering numbers here for sure, really gives you something to think about concerning how our lives are changing and Mobile is going to be the focal point of everything going forward.

  1. 6.8 million Android & iOS Devices were activated this past xmas day, 242 Million Apps were downloaded
  2. There are actually more people using mobile devices than toothbrushes.
  3. More people will access the internet via mobile than wire line broadband by 2015.
  4. In May, 2003 the entire U.S. sent 300 million texts. Today we send nearly 6 billion a day.
  5. This year there will be $119 billion transactions conducted over the mobile device.
  6. Another $153 ~$230 billion in traditional sales in the U.S. alone will be influenced by mobile devices.
  7. Somewhere between 10% and 15% of all brick-and-mortar and ecommerce sales will be influence by mobile.
  8. There are 8 media channels in mobile including SMS, MMS, Email, IVR (voices), Content, Mobile Web, Proximity and Apps.
  9. Mobile is the first medium that consumes all the media that comes forth.
  10. Mobile is the only medium that coexists at all times with consumers.






Mobile Impact on Black Friday 2011

According to TechCrunch, online spending was up 24% on Black Friday 2011 compared to 2010. That is a big increase, and it’s expected to grow again at a similar rate next year.

But what about mobile?

PayPal reported a 516% increase in mobile payments year over year on Black Friday. Kind of puts the growth in the online space to shame.

Total mobile traffic was 14.3% of all retail online traffic – up from 5.6% in 2010.  No surprise that Apple devices were #1 (iPhone) & #2 (iPad) with Android coming in third.  Somewhat interesting is that mobile ‘buyers’ were laser focused – meaning they didn’t bounce around from site to site before making a purchase. This may suggest that they had done their research before hand on a regular computer, or maybe they didn’t want to bother with comparison shopping on a small device…regardless, they spent money & did it quickly.

This data is a strong indication that this Christmas season we should expect to see similar increases over last year, and  next year it will be even greater as the population of smart phone users continues to grow.

If you own an e-commerce website, or ANY website for that matter and don’t have a mobile strategy plan, NOW is the time to get one.